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Our key stakeholders include our employees, shareholders, neighbouring, communities, government, the media, academic institutions and industry partners.


Family Days

These are days where employees’ families visit the refinery and have a fun-filled day with activities for the whole family.

Refinery Tours

Our neighbouring communities as well as schools are given an opportunity to visit the inside of the refinery. This gives them an opportunity to learn more about refinery processes and understand. Municipality and government officials are also hosted from time to time.

Career Exhibitions

Our talent development team works closely with educational institutions and take part in career exhibitions with the aim of educating the youth about possible career opportunities at SAPREF.


Community Engagement

Ongoing engagements with our neighbouring communities take place through community liaison forums. The SAPREF CLF is made up of representatives of community organisations from communities on the refinery fence line. The Island View CLF addresses issues of the communities closet to the Island View precinct.

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