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Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

SAPREF contributes to the development of neighbouring communities through a range of sustainable projects in education, health, welfare and the environment. Our social investment programme is mainly focused on communities in close proximity to SAPREF's operations, namely Austerville, Wentworth, Merebank, Isipingo, Umlazi, Lamontville, and Bluff. 

In addition to a range of flagship projects, SAPREF also allows NGOs to apply for funding for the implementation of sustainable community projects in the communities above. This is usually in the first quarter of each year. SAPREF does not accept funding application outside of this period. 


SAPREF believes that education is one of the best ways of mitigating against poverty. As a result, a major portion of SAPREF's social investment budget is focused on educational initiatives, especially mathematics, science and technology education.


Science Centers

SAPREF continues to establish fully equipped science centers in neighbouring schools. As at the end of 2018, SAPREF had established 20 science laboratories at schools.

Heath And Welfare

SAPREF funds social investment programmes that are aimed at uplifting social services and improving the quality of life for SAPREF’s neighbours.


Like many South African communities, the South Durban Basin faces a number of health and welfare challenges. These include high levels of TB and HIV infections, drug use, teenage pregnancies and unemployment. We support community based organizations (and the community they serve) through undertaking a number of health and welfare projects each year.


So far the biggest project in this programme are as follows:

  • Homes for Orphans and vulnerable children: Donation of three fully furnished 3-bedroom houses to be used as family units for orphaned and vulnerable children. The houses are occupied by beneficiaries of Mzamo Child Guidance and SOS Children’s Village NGOs. Each house has up to six children with two housemothers who look after them.

  • KZN Children's Hospital – A contribution of R3million in support of the facility being established for the children of the province.  

Other projects in this program have included a new roof for the Blue Roof AIDS Clinic in Wentworth; vehicles for organizations that undertake home-based care and TB patient tracking programs; establishing resource centers in Isipingo, Bluff, Umlazi and Lamontville and the training of NGOs in Project Management to help them run community projects more effectively.

2020 Community Donations

2020 was a year with many challenges. SAPREF had an opportunity to assist those in need and at risk during the

COVID-19 pandemic. Donations were made to institutions such as old age homes, non-profit organisations, children’s homes and clinics. The donations were ranged from PPE and sanitizers to equipment required to assist the most vulnerable in our neighbouring communities.  The highlight for the year was the deeds transfer of 3 houses to 2 community organizations.  

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