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There are many fraudulent business propositions, recruitment offers, prizes/ awards where scammers pretend to be acting on behalf of corporates, like SAPREF, often, they require recipients to provide some personal information or transfer money.


Please note that SAPREF will never ask for money/ payments from applicants or potential suppliers neither will we send SMS’s about awards/ prizes.


What to do when you receive such requests:

Do not respond to unsolicited business propositions and/ or job offers from unverifiable people/ e-mail addresses.

Do not disclose your personal or financial details, should you be requested to do this by an unknown source, report to your local authorities.

Be on the lookout for suspicious signs e.g. communications from non SAPREF email addresses (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo or misspelt SAPREF e-mail addresses), poor use of English, urgent requests/ those requiring money SAPREF cannot accept any responsibility for such fraudulent acts.


Comments/ Complaints procedure

If you have a question/ complaint about this website, contact

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