The Environment

The Environment

SAPREF has developed policies to reduce air emissions, effluent water, solid waste and noise impact, in order to limit the company's impact on the environment. The policies are supported by business strategies and the commitment to continual improvement forms part of all targets and objectives. SAPREF is determined not to be a nuisance to the communities neighbouring both the refinery and Island View. We are committed to working closely with surrounding communities to further these goals. We continue to have more incidents than we should and the trust of the community has been damaged as a result. The company has publicly committed itself to improving its environmental performance. Discussions are taking place with organisations, individuals and authorities to understand community concerns related to SAPREF.

SAPREF's policy is to carry out our business in such a way that the health and safety of people, both on and off our sites, is not endangered and that the impact on the environment is minimised. Whilst we naturally comply with the health, safety and environmental measures required by law, we continuously strive to improve our environmental performance far beyond permit levels. All SAPREF employees and others on the premises are expected to comply with and to promote our health, safety and environmental policy. We have set ourselves high standards and we know that in some aspects, notably spills, we are falling short of those standards.